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Academic Enrichment

At Canford, every pupil is entitled to an enriching experience of education that begins in the classroom but extends well beyond it. Linking into the personal passions and interests of each of our pupils, the Enrichment Programme is a tailored and varied pathway to independent learning that aims to inculcate a love of learning for its own sake which remains a critical aspect of a Canfordian’s identity long after they have left in the Upper Sixth.

A robust and intensive programme

For some this will mean a robust and intensive programme of stretch and challenge activities. Those who are extraordinarily enthused by the world of academia, or who are particularly able (including all of our academic scholars) are automatically enrolled into a set programme of co-curricular clubs designed to sharpen their skills and provide safe, welcoming environments for informal debates on controversial issues.

The overall scope of the programme is wide

Canford Radio encourages pupils to discuss a range of issues from a whole school, regional, national and even global perspective – encouraging all Canfordians to step outside of the institutional bubble and evaluate even their own positions. Similar themes are picked out in Canford’s ‘Global Forum’ – an occasional society devoted to the contemplation of world-wide issues on a range of themes.

A misconception about Academic Enrichment

There is a misconception that Academic Enrichment in general is about elitism or that it is simply an extension activity for the exceptionally able. This is not the case at Canford. We want our pupils to explore, to engage, to discover, to analyse, to criticise and to interpret. We want them to think creatively and to innovate within their own specialist spheres. We want them to have every opportunity to pursue their academic ambitions (at any level) and to do this not for the mercenary reward of an exam result – though these are of fundamental importance – but because they enjoy and are passionate about their education.



Year of Genius

2014 saw the launch of the ‘Year of Genius’ project. This programme encourages all pupils to spend a small time in their busy weeks contemplating some of the greatest men and women in history and to dip their toe in the water with a range of complicated and sophisticated academic ideas. A Junior version for children in Prep and Primary Schoolslaunched in January 2015.