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Careers Symposium

Choosing the ‘right’ career path can be daunting. The Careers Department at Canford supports and guides pupils through the process of future career consideration, course selection and university applications. There is a structured programme to help pupils with their decisions at various stages of their passage through the school.

As part of this programme Canford and the Old Canfordian Society have organised a Careers Symposium for Lower Sixth pupils. The main objectives of the Symposium are:

• To provide insights into possible career directions pupils may be interested in.

• To give the opportunity to network with different people in a variety of industries.

• To introduce the Canford Careers Mentoring Network to pupils and potential mentors.

• To help prepare pupils for life ‘Two Steps Beyond’ Canford – most likely to be their introduction to the world of work.

I loved the One-to-One. The students this year seemed much better at the interpersonal skills and most of them showed real maturity in keeping a conversation going and chatting about themselves which I hope will be good for interviews.

2018 Careers Symposium - "Getting connected"

The theme of this year’s Careers Symposium was 'Getting Connected' which tied in with an overarching aim across the school to help pupils develop their interpersonal and communication skills, in both an academic and business context.
The aim of the Symposium is to help pupils in the Lower Sixth prepare for their life after Canford and entry into the world of work. Over 70 volunteers from the Canford Community, alumni and parents, representing a vast number of industries and careers, came to this year's event on Friday 16th March and were able to advise, guide and inform about possible career paths and share personal experiences about their own working lives.

Lower Sixth pupils were asked to consider what their real passions are and what they really enjoy doing to assist them in pursuing their interests and an eventual career. They were then invited to explore how they might present themselves through different media to reflect these interests.
Thank you to all those who generously gave their time, to the Old Canfordian Society which has helped support this year’s Symposium and to Amanda Seabrook (C92), our OC Committee Careers Representative, for all her suggestions and ideas and for opening the day with the keynote address.