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Feeder Schools

Pupils join Canford at 13+ from around 50 different schools each year, mainly from Prep Schools but also some from the maintained sector. We have strong links with a wide variety of schools across the counties of southern England, London and the Channel Islands.  Pupils do also come to us from schools across the UK.  We strive to build good relationships with staff, parents and pupils at all junior schools with which Canford has a connection.

Our purpose is twofold.  We are aware of just how crucial and often difficult it is for parents and pupils to make a decision about senior school education. In order to make an informed choice on whether Canford is the right place for you, it is important to ensure that schools are fully aware of what Canford offers, its ethos and its aims.  We attend future schools exhibitions at many Prep Schools and senior staff including Heads are invited to Canford on a regular basis.

We also offer the children the chance to find out more about life at the school, and run a range of programmes every academic year including sporting events in Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Cricket and Swimming, a variety of music events and academic enrichment workshops.  Some take place at Canford while others are based at the Prep Schools themselves.  These introduce the children to aspects of Canford and allow staff to pass on the knowledge and experience gained from working with older pupils to those from Year 3 upwards.