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Forthcoming Events

motionhouse present a doublebill: Captive / underground

Saturday 18th November | 7:30PM 


Tickets: £16 (concessions for students and school groups available)        

Four dancers perform this exciting blend of dance, acrobatics and aerial work inside a large cage. Disorientated and shaken, the performers use their skill and instinct to survive in this emotionally charged and athletic piece.

Travellers are thrown together in an unlikely alliance as graffiti artists paint their love in motion. Suspended at odd angles and riding the rhythm of the train, four characters are constantly drawn together then torn apart. Energetic and thought-provoking Underground is attention-grabbing, edge of your seat, in–your-face dancing.







senior canford students present: cabaret

wed 6th | Thurs 7th | Fri 8th | sat 9th dec 7:30pm


Tickets: FREE (priority given to Canford parents, pupils and staff.)         

As tensions mount, extreme ideologies are being set into action and the threat of violence is not far behind.  But all that is beyond the hedonistic world of the cabaret, where one can forget their troubles, sing and dance the night away and perhaps even find love.  But for how long can the doors to the Kit Kat Klub keep increasingly oppressive political views out?  Come hear the band, your table's waiting....







ballet theatre uk present: the snow queen

SAT 27TH jan 7:30PM


Tickets: £10 - £16 (concessions available)          

Join Ballet Theatre UK in their beautiful re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairytale ballet, The Snow Queen.

This spectacular production follows the story of Gerda and her quest to find her friend Kay, whom the Snow Queen has placed under an evil spell.

Gerda’s fantastic adventure takes her on a journey across the frozen north where she encounters a band of gypsy’s, enchanted reindeer and a mysterious and reclusive Lapland woman.

Gerda is told by the mysterious woman to continue travelling north, where she will find Kay and the Snow Queen’s Palace of Ice. Only Gerda’s love for Kay can release him from the spell and break the Snow Queen’s curse of eternal winter. Ballet Theatre UK's renowned company of international dancers, beautiful costumes and glittering stage sets combine to create a magnificent spectacle, all set to a glorious and magical score.