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Why Canford?

Canford is a school of opportunities, where young people can grow as individuals within a structured,caring environment.  Whether your passion is for balls or greasepaint, or water or bees, the encouragement is there for our pupils to develop the qualities to live life in all its fullness and to contribute richly to society.

Canford is a co-educational school.   We believe that working and living together fosters trust, encouragement and mutual respect - sound preparation for the challenges of life at university and the wider world.

Academic excellence is our aim in all subjects.  Our fine reputation for success in external examinations and university offers derives, we believe, from a culture of learning, intellectual stimulation and a coherence where pupils make connections between and across their learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.  Every pupil meets with his/her tutor at least once a week, and often more frequently, providing 1-1 guidance and support from Shells through to Upper Sixth.  The nature of the tutoring is tailored to suit the needs of each year group matching interests and personalities as closely as possible.

With over 30 different sports and activities, and numerous clubs and societies, there is something to inspire every pupil.  Personal fulfilment and the development of self-worth in the broadest sense are key educational aims.

Our setting and facilities are impressive.  Sports facilities include a school boathouse within walking distance, 12 grass sports pitches, 2 full sized All Weather pitches, 30 tennis courts, a 9 hole golf course and one of the few original Real Tennis courts in the country.   A theatre seats nearly 300 while there are dedicated Music performance and Art gallery spaces.

Canford is also well served by rail, air and road links.   It is under 2 hours from London, Oxford and Exeter, 90 minutes from the M3/M25 junction and within easy reach of London Heathrow, Bournemouth, Exeter and Southampton airports.  Shells join us from over 50 different prep and junior schools each year.


A 24/7 Boarding School


Canford is a full 24/7 boarding school with an exeat system allowing for pupils to spend up to 50% of the Saturday nights each academic year at home if they would like to.  That said, on average at least 70% of boarders are in school on any weekend during term time.


Useful Facts and Figures