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International Pupils

Turkish day

Canford welcomes applications from overseas families.  As a 7 day a week boarding school, we are well equipped to cater for the needs of pupils whose parents live abroad.


With a full programme of evening and weekend activities offered, and overseas families can be reassured that on average at least 70% of boarders are in school on any given weekend, and there are a number of weekends with 100% of boarders on the campus.  Currently around 10.5% of pupils are resident abroad, which includes 6.5% who are non-native English speakers.  

From the 1st of August 2022, any pupil for whom English is not their first language, whether studying in the UK or abroad, will need to provide a UKiset result at the point of registration.

We would strongly recommend that a UKiset result is provided with the initial enquiry to allow a more informed assessment of each candidate, but if this is not possible, we will now be requiring an in-date UKiset result at the point of registration.

We offer excellent EAL support here at Canford. Pupils where English is not their first language are required to attend EAL lessons until their level of English is of the standard required to apply to UK universities.  An Individual Learning Plan is made for each pupil with English support provided through one-to-one lessons each week to assist their learning.

Chinese New Year

EAL and Guardianship Policies

Families living in China

If you are based in mainland China and would like to speak to speak to one of our approved representatives, please contact the Admissions team for more information.

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