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Community Support

Community Support

Canford Community – Supporting City Reach and the Louis Ross Foundation

Canford pupils, staff and volunteers have been out and about taking part in a variety of fundraising activities recently in support of two charities with which they have long standing links – City Reach supporting the community of Northam in inner city Southampton, and the Louis Ross Foundation which was created in memory of a former pupil and aims to help young people in the area who are facing difficulties.

Here is a round up of what’s been happening:

City Reach Annual Walk

On Sunday 6th March the traditional annual City Reach 15 mile walk, from Studland Beach to Canford, took place. Twenty nine Canford pupils and staff took part in support of  the City Reach project, a long standing Canford community action link helping families in the inner city Southampton area of Northam. Starting at Studland beach, the group caught the chain ferry across the harbour before walking 15 miles along the coast and the Castleman Trailway leading to Canford.

Lower Sixth pupil, Yutong, echoed the views of the group saying:

“Just as I was waking up from a small nap, we turned the last corner and arrived at our starting point. Feeling a little hazy and tired, I stepped out onto the windy beach and immediately felt ready to return to our warm minibus and fall back asleep. Did I really want to walk 15 miles on a Sunday morning when I could be having a lie in? No, but YES!

Time swiftly went by as we walked and chatted, appreciating the beautiful views beneath the serene skies. We walked along the bay, into town, by the roads, through the woods, and before we knew it, we were already more than halfway there, taking a break at the so longed McDonalds. The minibus would always meet us at the various checkpoints, providing us with snacks and drinks along the way, and, together, we managed to power through and finally reach the Canford gates. Although I felt so tired towards the end of the walk, knowing that I had achieved something that day made me feel proud of myself. I would really recommend taking part, not only for the amazing experience, but also to take up the opportunity to help support the community and raise money for the City Reach project.”

 In total the walk raised over £2000. For the most accurate update on the amount raised or to donate, please visit:

City Reach Walk

City Reach Easter Party

The annual Christmas party for the City Reach children is always a highlight in the Canford calendar, sadly the party had to be postponed in the run up to Christmas, and took place on Sunday 13th March, with an Easter theme, instead. The event is always a fun event for both our pupils and children from City Reach. Two of our pupils share their experience of the day below:  

Lower Sixth pupil Jemima said:

“Having never been to a City Reach party before I wasn’t sure what to expect but I know that, if I had had expectations, it would have defied them. The children were clearly so excited for the day ahead when we met them in the morning and that enthusiasm helped to craft a day of fun and laughter. For me, meeting and chatting with the children was a really rewarding experience and you quickly made connections with those that you spoke with. 

There are two main stand out moments for me - both a clear example of the enjoyment and connections made. Firstly, at the beginning of the day I was asked what we had planned by one of the 8-year-old children. Having explained, I asked what he was most excited for. The response: everything, said with a look of pure excitement.

Secondly towards the end of the day, one of the children I had had lunch with came up to me and just simply gave me a hug - fully unprompted. When I smiled back, he told me with a smile on his face that he’d had fun and that I was nice. That moment will stick with me for years! 

Finally, the experience of helping at the party has been a really rewarding experience and we all had a lot of fun. Swimming, playing games, it was pure joyful chaos it seemed at some points and yet everyone could be seen with a smile on their face!” 

Lower Sixth pupil Lara said:

“After the long bus trip to Canford the children set their bags down and we headed for an early lunch. The vegan sausage rolls were a big hit and some children even managed to enjoy their first brownie! We played games such as I spy when we had finished eating and headed to the sports hall for some party games. After many children told us their favourite sport was basketball we were lucky enough to be able to play basketball in the sports centre. Skipping, football and tag were favourites among the volunteers and children. Once we had managed to exhaust ourselves it was time for the pool.

It was many children's first time swimming but all the Canford volunteers thoroughly enjoyed helping them to learn and playing with the floats and inflatable balls in the pool. We then headed back to John o Gaunts after multiple piggy backs for some well deserved cookies and sandwiches. The children were incredibly grateful and lovely to spend time with and all the Canford volunteers enjoyed their company today.

At the end of the day as we were leaving one of the children told me that it was 'the best day of her life' and I was incredibly glad that as a volunteer Canford was able to make the children so happy and I loved every moment of sharing our school with the children.

I am certain that we successfully gave the children a day to remember.”

Lower Sixth pupil Nia said:

"The children from the youth centre arrived at Canford, all very eager for the afternoon activities.

Following lunch, the first activity was games in the sports hall, which was filled with laughter as the children played skittles, 'snakes and ladders' and skipping games. We even had a hula hooping competition, where the Canford volunteers displayed their lack of prowess!

However, the favourite activity of the day was swimming. Each Canford volunteer was partnered with a child, and within the swimming session the children grew in confidence and ability.

There were lots of competitive games, such as woggle racing and tag.

The childrens' enthusiasm and laughter was infectious.

The day concluded with food and snacks in John O Gaunts...though we unfortunately ran out of cookies!

The City Reach project provided a great opportunity to broaden perspectives and immerse yourself in the community; the positive experience of contributing to the community and giving back is unparalleled.

It was a really rewarding experience and I would definitely encourage other pupils to volunteer."

Find out more about the City Reach charity here

City Reach Easter party


Louis Ross Foundation Bubble Football Fundraiser

On Sunday 13th March the “Louis Ross Enterprise Challenge” group organised Bubble Football as a Sunday afternoon activity. Bubble Football involved wearing an inflatable zorb, so the challenge is staying upright when trying to tackle and control the ball!  We raised in the region of £500 for the charity and it was a great way to have some fun after a busy school week. Thank you very much to Tea Colaianni and Nigel Still for sponsoring the event. 

To find out more about the Louis Ross Foundation, please visit