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Centenary Sculpture by Zoë Wilson

Centenary Sculpture by Zoë Wilson

To commemorate Canford’s centenary, award-winning sculptor Zoë Wilson was commissioned to create a sculpture for the school that reflects the ethos and values of this special community. The inspiration for this piece came through Zoë’s research visits to Canford. She felt a strong sense of the spirit of the school, articulated in Canford’s four core values couplets of Purposeful
Engagement, Humble Ambition, Gracious Leadership and Courageous Attitude.

Zoë designed a complex geometric pattern to represent these eight words, consisting of eight interconnecting circles carved into a sphere. Each circle is integral to the pattern, reminding the viewer of the significance of every value for a well-rounded individual and community.

Zoe Wilson Canford Sphere

Recognising the sculptural nature of carvings, Zoë has created a work that invites the viewer to move around the piece, looking at it from different angles, watching the pattern change. The stone is incredibly tactile, and the sharp edges of the cut against the smooth polished surface tempt the viewer to trace a finger over the surface.

Zoe Wilson Canford Sphere 1

Zoë says: ‘My carving is simple in its manufacture, using only a mallet and chisel. Geometry relies on perfect accuracy to create intricate patterns. I feel our eyes have become accustomed to seeing the precision that machine production creates, raising the bar for traditional crafts. The chisel marks seen in the finished carving remind the viewer that this is handmade.’ 

Find out more about the project in an interview with Zoë at the following link:  Interview with Zoë Wilson

The final 'Canford Sphere' was set on a plinth by Lancaster Lawn and officially unveiled at a reception on 7th December with the opportunity to purchase smaller replicas of the sphere or a limited edition print.  These are still available to buy direct from Zoë's website at the following link THE CANFORD SPHERE - Zoë Wilson Carving - Buy Online Here (