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Diplomas and Grade 8 Distinctions for Canfordians

Diplomas and Grade 8 Distinctions for Canfordians

Many congratulations to all the Canfordians who have excelled in their recent external music examinations. Among these are four Upper Sixth pupils who took ARSM diplomas, beyond Grade 8 level, in singing. Two achieved distinctions and two merits, which are exceptional results to be awarded while still at school given the diploma is the equivalent of a first year university level qualification.

Four pupils achieved Grade 8s including at distinction and merit level on piano and trumpet, and there was also success in lower grades on bassoon, piano and in singing, illustrating the variety of musical talent developed at Canford across numerous instruments.

Christopher Sparkhall, Director of Music, commented:

Success in external music examinations gives a real sense of progress and achievement and each year we see excellence in a range of instruments and at the highest levels.  Our young musicians work extremely hard alongside their other academic studies and should all be very proud of these results.  To gain an ARSM diploma, and with a top grade, is a phenomenal achievement and as a letter bearing diploma will allow those pupils to use post nominals if they wish.  At the moment we have six diploma holders within the school and anticipate further success with more examinations being taken next term.  Despite the national press reports that music is in decline in schools, it is certainly thriving at Canford and we are very proud of all Canfordians who are involved in both academic and co-curricular music across the school.

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