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National Recognition for a Canford Education

National Recognition for a Canford Education

We are delighted to share the latest national recognition for our education in a number of well recognised industry publications. The Tatler Schools Guide reviews 250 prep and public schools in the UK who, according to editor Tori Cadogan, “earn an entry by offering the whole package: holistic pastoral care, a focus on character-forming as much as pure academics and the ability to accommodate and nurture all their pupils so that they leave as well-educated and, most importantly, happy young people.”

Canford is described as ‘glorious’ with ‘much to celebrate’ in its centenary year’.  Academically ‘it more than delivers with 24 places to medical schools and 30 at Oxbridge in the past three years’ with ‘chatty, bright and engaging pupils who give things a go’. Clubs ‘include everything from bushcraft to code-breaking and thriving fishing’ while ‘the pastoral care is nothing short of excellent’.  

We are constantly developing our curriculum aiming for all our pupils to view subjects well beyond the confines of any syllabus, with cross curricular opportunities to develop their learning. So we are proud that The Week Independent Schools Guide has selected Canford within the ‘Best of the Best’ senior schools 2023 for the quality of our forward thinking education. 

Tatler Schools Guide 2023 - Canford School review

The Week Independent Schools Guide