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Over 600 university offers for Canfordians at home and abroad

Over 600 university offers for Canfordians at home and abroad

This year’s applications to university and higher education courses is now complete and once again we are hugely proud of all 162 Canfordians who between them have achieved an impressive 624 offers from leading universities in the UK and internationally. This represents nearly 4 out of 5 offers per applicant, and over 80% of all are for Russell Group/Sunday Times Top 12 institutions.  

The range of different courses chosen – from traditional academic subjects across both sciences, arts and humanities to vocational courses such as Aerospace Engineering, Real Estate, Journalism and Culture, Sports Rehabilitation, Costume for Theatre and Screen, Advertising and Marketing Management, Law and Architecture - is a demonstrable illustration of how our vision for every pupil to follow their chosen pathway ‘to explore, to express and to excel’ is fulfilled.

An additional ‘well done’ goes to those who have successfully applied to institutions involving a more complex and rigorous application and interview process.  Nine Canfordians have received offers to Oxford and Cambridge, while seven have gained places on highly competitive courses to read Medicine (two to Oxbridge) or Veterinary Science.  

Oxford: Rex (Physics), Louis (Chemistry), Daniel (Medicine), Lukas (Computer Science)

Cambridge:  Thomas (Mathematics), Elliot (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology), Charlotte (Medicine), Janae (Human, Social, and Political Sciences), Clare (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies)

Other Medicine:  James (Sheffield or Southampton), Olivia (Exeter or Cardiff), Luca (Brighton and Sussex Medical School), Edward (St Andrew’s)

Veterinary Science:  Honoré (Bristol or Nottingham)

Following the success of Canfordians applying for degree apprenticeships in recent years, we also celebrate Beth’s audit accountant masters apprenticeship with Bishop Fleming.

Looking abroad, three pupils are holding offers for US colleges: Ramon (NYU, New York), Kerry (Augustana, Dakota), and Dominique (Bellarmine, Kentucky) while Isla has secured an offer and an award at The American University of Paris (AUP).

Head of Careers Michael Doherty commented:

In an era where independent school pupils are, according to the media, at a disadvantage when applying to top universities relative to their peers in maintained schools, I am delighted that Canfordians continue to challenge this apparent trend with a highly impressive set of offers which will enable them to follow their chosen pathways.  We are mindful that the process remains extremely competitive and are very proud of all our pupils who have worked so hard and not been deterred from applying for some of the most popular courses at top institutions. 

I wish them all every success and a reminder that the Careers team are available on results day to offer any further support and guidance as needed and beyond when pupils move on as OCs.

In January 2025 Canford is opening a new Future Pathways Centre for Higher Education and Careers, which will include conference and seminar space for workplace-style physical and virtual events and networking to further support all Canfordians in their future career plans. This is part of an exciting new Sixth Form College development – more information is available at

New Canford Sixth Form College

Pictured above are among the 18 Canfordians who have gained offers to Oxbridge this year, for Medicine and Veterinary Science and for international universities.

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