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1987 OC Reunion


We were delighted to welcome forty Old Canfordians to Canford on Saturday 13th May to celebrate thirty years since they left the school.  Starting with drinks followed by a three course lunch, John o’Gaunts was bubbling with excitement and filled with laughter.  Returning for a school reunion after thirty years is quite daunting but the apprehension did not last long.  With the help of a wonderful display of schools photos, programmes and school publications, not to mention copies provided by Jimmy Dunning of their rather edgy Year Book, OCs were soon recalling old times from 30 years ago. 

Martin and Judith Marriott were pleased to come along and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with OCs, some of whom had not returned to Canford since they left.  Current Heads of School, Maddie Hobbs and Louis James were joined by four prefects, who were able to talk with OCs about life at Canford today along with Jerry Orme, Keith Hay and Mike Owen who were also teaching at Canford in 1987.

OCs spilled out onto Canford lawns after lunch for a group photograph and to watch current Canfordian sports fixtures.  Thanks should be recorded to Julian Harris who was instrumental in bringing this group of OCs together to celebrate this anniversary.   We look forward to seeing you in ten years!

Photographs from the event

Reporting by Rowena Gaston