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Business advice

Karen Smith

As part of their A Level Business Studies course, Sixth Formers at Canford are studying the travel and leisure industry.  On Friday 8th February, they enjoyed meeting several experts – one from a local family owned business and the second from one of the largest global companies in the sector.  It was an opportunity for pupils to hear fascinating real life experience from those working in the industry to add to their classroom study.


Pupil Anthony Graham wrote:


“Tony, Sarah and Chrissy Birch of Wareham Forest Tourist Park, and Neil Hannaford of Merlin Entertainments provided us with an insight into life in the tourism sector.  Tony (and his family) spoke from the perspective of a small, local family owned and operated business; whilst Neil gave the view from the other end of the spectrum; he works for the second-largest amusement park corporation in the world. It was a great chance for us to apply what we have learnt in the classroom, from motivational theorists to investment appraisal techniques, to the real world and see how these two different types and scales of businesses apply them in their respective markets. On behalf of everyone, I would like to thank the speakers for their time in making the event a success.”


Jolyon Toy, Head of Business, echoed this:


“This was a very valuable evening for both staff and pupils to give them a greater understanding about the wide and varied nature of this particular business sector.   We are very grateful to the Birch family and to Neil and thank them very much for such an interesting and thought provoking discussion.”


For more information about the businesses involved, please visit:


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