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Canford art supporting the local community

Canford art supporting the local community
Karen Smith

Fifteen Year 10 and Year 12 Canford artists have contributed to a wonderful exhibition of art at Wimborne Minster.  The Cuthburga project, named in honour of the dedication of the Minster to St. Cuthburga, sister to King Ina, King of the West Saxons, asked young artists to produce illustrations which could be used to promote the beauty, uniqueness and quirky stories from the Minster.   They were also asked to consider how the image could be used in a pattern, on its own, large or small, coloured or monochrome, how it would look on printed items of merchandise to raise funds.

For over 1300 years the Minster has been an important religious, historical and community focus in Wimborne Minster town. The present Minster dates back to the 12th century and contains an unusual chained library of theological books, the famous Quarterjack clock, a 14th century astronomical clock, and ‘the man in the wall’ amongst other things.

In addition to a display of Canfordian art, a tote bag using the design by Canford artist Emma Dalton is currently being sold in the Minster shop and is also available to buy from the Canford School Shop. 

The exhibition is open until 24th November and is free entry.

Nicola Will, Head of Art, commented:

“As a school Canford has close links with the community at the Minster and I was delighted when we were approached to contribute to this latest art initiative and exhibition.   The work which our pupils have produced is varied and makes use of different genres and materials to reflect the uniqueness of this significant church within the region.   I hope all those who visit the exhibition are inspired by the artistic interpretations – and also help raise much needed funds through buying one of the tote bags!”

For more information about the Minster please visit