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Centenary Film

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Centenary Film
#Canford100 #AlwaysACanfordian

Canford’s launches film to mark its centenary year

We were delighted to launch the new Canford Centenary film ‘Always a Canfordian’ in a YouTube premiere on Friday 27th January at 5pm. A year of planning and filming culminated in a special four minute film celebrating Canford’s past, present and future.

Once a Canfordian, Always a Canfordian is the spirit of the Old Canfordian Society. Therefore it is fitting that for our centenary film we celebrate the people and the place, the past and the future, and all the opportunities that being part of Canford offers - for those who have gone before, for those in our school community today, and for the Canfordians to come.

Thank you to OC Will Holloway F99 and his Voop Productions team, who worked in collaboration with the Canford Marketing and Development teams, and members of the Canford Community with generous support from the Old Canfordian Society to bring you this very special film to mark our Centenary year.

As part of our filming project, we are looking forward to releasing short film interviews with members of the Canford community, including current pupils, staff and Old Canfordians, when the new Canford website is launched at the end of March 2023. The new Canford Centenary film will also be a main feature on the new website homepage.

A dedicated web page has been created to mark the School’s centenary celebrations and will be added to during the course of the year with archive footage and images