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Canford Mountain Bike Club

Karen Smith

Congratulations to two Upper Sixth pupils, Michael Maiden and Thomas Boucher who put together this fantastic video to raise awareness within the school of the new Canford Mountain Bike Club. 

New Mathematics teacher, Jack Wilson said “The video was created in one afternoon by two Upper Sixth pupils, Michael Maiden and Thomas Boucher.  Together they did all of the work, they choreographed what they wanted to film and did all of the editing in their own time.  All of the footage was shot either on school grounds or on Canford Heath, which is the local area I take pupils each week for rides.  The heath has a wide variety of terrain in a compact location and is right on Canford’s doorstep.  Currently I take out a group of Fifth Form pupils as part of the Enterprises programme on a Monday afternoon and I also take boarding pupils out on a Sunday afternoon.”

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