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Canford School Musical 2017 - Cabaret

Canford School Musical 2017 - Cabaret


The Layard stage was once again transformed for another spectacular show over four nights in December, with 100 pupils from Shells to Upper Sixth taking part either on or off stage in this year’s Whole School Musical, ‘Cabaret’

Playing to a sell out audience of parents, pupils and friends, ‘Cabaret’ explored the dark world of the rise of Nazi Germany.  The choreography was as ever expertly arranged by Claire Camble Hutchins, working alongside this year’s director, Laura Blake.   The set design and lighting by Kevin Wilkins and his team provided stunning settings, transforming the stage seamlessly from simple apartment to the bright lights of the Kit Kat Club as the scenes played out.  The musical accompaniment provided by the band was superb, directed by Christopher Sparkhall, and involved over twenty Canford musicians across the year groups.

Director Laura Blake commented: “The joy of this musical is that the intellectual political and philosophical core is contained within an effervescent, humorous and endearing exterior- much like our band of cast, crew and musicians. They have worked together to create an occurrence greater than the individuals involved could have produced alone. They have chosen ensemble and action, and performed it with commitment and compassion. As always, it has been a privilege to work with these talented young people and all the potential they possess.”

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