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CCF Annual Parade and Inspection



With snow on the ground, temperatures hovering close to zero and the roads a little touch and go, it was with some trepidation that I anticipated the Parade, the arrival of the inspecting officer and a large contingent of parents to watch their sons and daughter on the annual CCF Parade and Inspection on Monday 19th March.  I needn’t have worried: the sun, clearly under orders of the adjutant of the parade, Major Risbey, came out on cue as the Inspecting Officer took to the podium and the cadets rose to the occasion.   The marching was superb, drumming as good as it has ever been and the Field Gun Challenge re-enacting the relief of Ladysmith in The Boer War fiercely and contentiously competed for. Was it the Marines or was it the Army and Navy combined team; a matter of perspective. This was followed by a walk through the woods for the parents to watch the cadets’ training demonstrations culminating in a section attack by the JNCOs’ Cadre Course. Tea and hot chocolate were most welcome for all, before Brigadier J C Coote DSO OBE, an old boy, was able to reflect on his time as a cadet and award the prizes to the following:


Best Junior Cadets

Jnr Navy (Faith White)                                    

Jnr Marines (Thomas Matthews)                                                

Jnr Army (James Harvey-Hills and Stella Jarvis)           


Best Leading Prospective JNCO 

Ella Heffner


Drum Major’s Bugle

Ben Thomson


Clive Mayer Memorial Trophy

Ned Vessey


The CCF Benner Award

Della Kearns


It was a stunning day and my thanks goes to all the parents and friends who braved the elements to support the cadets,  and to Major Risbey and Lieutenant Cowlard especially for their work in running the CCF.   As one parent commented: “An incredible Annual Inspection today at Canford.  It was beautifully choreographed from start to finish with the sort of attention to detail that was a joy to behold.”


Reporting by Lieutenant Colonel D P Culley


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Parade and Inspection