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CCF Cadet Presentations

Karen Smith

Experienced Canford CCF Cadets who are aspiring to lead the new recruits are required to undergo a comprehensive course designed to develop their ability to structure, plan and deliver short training sessions to junior cadets. They would usually be promoted to Lance Corporals at the end of the course but without a formal parade this year the cadets gathered in the Long Gallery on the morning of Wednesday 5th May to receive their promotions.

Lieutenant Colonel Dan Culley and members of Canford’s CCF staff were joined by Headmaster Ben Vessey, who thanked all the cadets for the way they had continued to work so well together despite the challenges of the pandemic, and talked of the exciting expeditions and leadership opportunities ahead of them within the corps whist highlighting the crucial skills that are developed as cadets and as junior leaders in preparation for the wider world whether that be as a serviceman or in a civilian profession.

After presenting the cadets and an ‘elbow shake’ for each of them, the winners of the JNCO awards were announced. Many congratulations to Tom Windsor and Imi Woodcock who shared the prize this year for the best prospective JNCO.

Congratulations on promotion also to Mia Ashby Rudd, Nuala Binnion, Benjy Bishop, Hugh Blake, Angus Brown, Leo Burnet, Alex Cochrane, Merlin Cork, Daniel Deng, Lucas Francis, Millie Heyman, Freddie Homer, Charlie Howell, Imogen Joll, Amelie Kearns, Mark Kosgei, Celia Leavesley, Oscar Rees, Jack Robinson, Sophia Russell, Charlie Smith, Sam Stirling and Felix Synnott.

Dan Culley commented:

“It is important to recognise the fine achievements of our latest group of JNCOs and I was delighted we were able to formally present them with their Lance Corporal tapes once we had returned to school. I congratulate them all on their hard work to reach this stage of their school careers with the CCF and look forward to working with them to continue to deliver our award winning CCF programme.”

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