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CCF collaboration with Poole High School

CCF collaboration with Poole High School


The Cadet Expansion Programme (CEP) was launched on Armed Forces Day in June 2012 by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister with the aim to deliver 100 new cadet units in English state-funded schools by September 2015.


Canford, along with the MoD, offered the opportunity to Poole High School and their CCF is now gaining momentum, structure and viability.   Having started in 2015 with 2 officers and 15 cadets in Year 9 they now find themselves in 2018 with 5 officers including a Contingent Commander and a School Staff Instructor, together with 36 cadets in Year 8, 9 cadets in Year 9, 2 in Year 10 and 9 in Year 11, totalling 56 cadets.


The early years saw them parading at Canford with Canford cadets but as they have grown they have moved to their own parade date and time. Use is still made of the Canford facilities and Major Craig Risbey continues to play a large part, and is responsible in many respects for their success. Indeed he is helping them run their CCF Camp again this year along with Lieutenant Matt Cowlard, our Storeman.  Poole High’s CCF will be fully independent from 1st September 2018 and as the trailblazers for the CEP scheme which is now being rolled out to total 500 CCF units, we wish them the best of luck.


Please click on the link for more details about the Cadet Expansion Programme.

For more information about Canford’s community links, please visit the Schools Together website.


Reporting by Lieutenant Colonel Dan Culley


Pictured are PHS cadets on parade at Canford the end of their first year, speaking to Inspecting Officer Captain R Bellfield RN