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CCF Parade 2019

CCF Parade 2019
Karen Smith

Canford’s Easter Term always finishes with a flourish including the traditional CCF Biennial Inspection and Parade.  This was once again a splendid display with this year’s Inspecting Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Cox, Commanding Officer of the Defence Intelligence School commenting:

“I cannot describe the level of pride I feel as a parent and as an inspecting officer seeing your CCF. The parade was exceptional, putting my regular trainees to shame and it was clear that you, cadets, officers and staff all put heart and soul into your CCF.”

With 128 cadets participating and the presentation of a new set of School Colours in the warm Spring sunshine, the Parade was certainly a spectacle. The Inspection, Field Gun Challenge around the Sunken Lawn, and the training led on to the Section Attack demonstration from the Pringle Trophy Squad, which clearly illustrated the success and the energy of the CCF at Canford.

As one parent said: “It was Canford at its very best, immaculately organised and no doubt the result of many hours of drills and rehearsals. The parents we were with were all hugely impressed.”

The afternoon concluded with spectators and cadets enjoying tea with prizes awarded to the following:

Best Junior Navy Cadet: Cadet S Jefferson and Cadet A Crosscourt

Best Junior Royal Marines Cadet: Cadet F Tuck 

Best Junior Army Cadet: J Fry 

Best Junior Non-Commissioned Officer Cadre Cadet: Lance Corporal S Smith              

Drum Major’s Bugle: Warrant Officer 2 B Thomson

Clive Meyer’s Award: Warrant Officer 1 H Cox

Benner Award: Warrant Officer 1 P Perry


Lieutenant Colonel Dan Culley, Head of the Canford CCF, was delighted with the cadets’ performance:

“The Parade and Inspection is one of the highlights of the Canford CCF calendar, giving our cadets the opportunity to showcase what they have learned during their hard work in training each week.   We were fortunate not to have a repeat of the snowy conditions last March due to the ‘Beast from the East’, and the balmy sunshine certainly added to a particularly memorable afternoon.  Many thanks to everyone involved in making the event such a success, particularly to Lieutenant Colonel Cox for his time and his inspirational words, and also to the Canford grounds staff who worked tirelessly to make sure that the grounds were at their finest for our Parade.”

To view photographs, please visit CCF Parade and Inspection 2019



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