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Chinese Autumn Festival

Chinese Autumn Festival
Karen Smith

Last night The Chinese Culture Club hosted an event to celebrate the Autumn Festival. Those studying Chinese and Chinese pupils invited their non-Chinese friends to an evening to celebrate the Moon Festival, also known as the Autumn Festival - a time of year that's celebrated in many cultures. The aim was for our small Chinese community to come together and celebrate their festival as well as explaining elements of it to those from other cultures. Quite a few British pupils who have lived in Chinese speaking countries came too.

The evening included:

- Learning to use chopsticks in a competition to transfer ten raisins from one bowl to another as quickly as possible (Ben Vessey had several attempts to beat his personal best).

- Writing in Chinese script

- Learning to say "Happy Autumn Festival" in Chinese

- Drinking Jasmine tea

- Tasting pieces of moon cake and other snacks

- International Pupil Leader, Tia Yang, explained the history and ways the festival is celebrated, comparing it with different pupils' experiences in different regions of China.

- Reading poetry, singing songs and even a bit of dancing.

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