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Chinese Spring Festival celebrations

Chinese Spring Festival celebrations
Karen Smith

Pupils and staff at Canford embraced the Chinese Spring Festival with a number of different events, spread over the course of the 15 days marking the 2020 celebrations.  This year these were held across the globe between 25th January and 8th February and were enjoyed by one quarter of the world’s population.

A themed option lunch in the Great Hall heralded the start of the Festival, with the school community enjoying a variety of different oriental dishes before finding out what the future holds with a fortune cookie.  After supper on 4th February, the annual evening of calligraphy, crafts, board games, tea and snacks allowed our Chinese pupils to share some of the culture and activities of their home country with their peers from across the school years.   This was Chinese teachers Tzu-Ling Shao’s 10th year organising the event, which has always been popular and hugely enjoyed by pupils and staff alike.

A meal at a Chinese restaurant on 8th February with pupils who are Chinese, live in China, have some kind of connection with China, or are currently studying the language, brought Canford’s 2020 celebrations to a close. 

Pagan Bishop, International Pupil Co-ordinator, commented:

“The Spring Festival is a firm fixture in our annual global connections calendar, and is a great way for pupils to learn about Chinese cultures and customs.  There is always genuine enthusiasm from pupils across the school, with our Chinese pupils proud and excited to share their stories and cultural differences.  There is a pastoral element to the celebrations as well.  While the numbers of pupils from Asia is relatively low at Canford by comparison with other boarding schools in the UK, it was wonderful for them to experience a little bit of home, and especially this year as many have not been able to travel back to China to celebrate with their families due to the Coronavirus.   Thank you also to Tzu Ling for masterminding the Canford festivities for the past decade, but never tiring in her enthusiasm for every Festival celebration!”

For more photographs from the events please see below 

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