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City Reach Christmas Party 2019

City Reach Christmas Party 2019
Karen Smith

The annual Christmas party for the children from City Reach in Southampton was once again a fun filled, festive day enjoyed by the community of Northam and Canford pupils alike.   As usual there was great excitement from start to finish, with traditional Christmas lunch in the Great Hall followed by a swim in the pool and party games and tea to finish.


Upper Sixth former George Farthing takes up the story of the day:


“As the 30 children from City Reach bundled their way into the servery at 12:00 on Sunday 1st December ready to fill their plates, we stood ready to help serve the turkey lunch and show them into the hall. The snap of crackers fired into the air and like a starter’s pistol the day had begun.


Food was swiftly eaten and as our pupils swept up the already broken cracker toys and discarded jokes we ambled towards the sports centre.  An explosion of skipping ropes, footballs and hula-hoops filled the sports hall for the next hour until it was time to venture to the pool. 30 armbands and many out of breath pupils later the pool was finally ready.  Very little testing of the water occurred as we leapt into the pool for the next few hours, the sounds of splashing and laughter could be heard all round the school.  A few sad faces could be seen when 2:30 came around and it was time to dry off and get changed but sadness would soon be gone, torn off like wrapping paper as frowns disappeared at the mention of pass the parcel.   Slowly working through a variety of beautifully wrapped layers to the sounds of NOW That’s What I Call Christmas the day neared its end and as party bags were distributed the animated and lively children that had arrived a little over 4 hours ago left tired and tearful but extremely happy.  As the 30 Canford pupils and members of staff tidied up the aftermath we were beaming just as brightly with a true sense of achievement.”


Many thanks to everyone involved in giving the Northam children a special and memorable day.


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