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Classics and Philosophy and Theology trip to Rome

Classics and Philosophy and Theology trip to Rome
Karen Smith

The Classics and Philosophy and Theology departments continued their harmonious collaboration over the February half term with the third annual joint trip in a row.  Following Sicily last year, we returned to Rome with a mixed group of Fourth, Fifth and Lower Sixth Formers. We were really impressed by how well everyone in the group mixed; even though most pupils on the trip only knew one or two others before heading out, by the end of the visit everyone was laughing and joking together.  We were also delighted by how well they all responded to the magnificent sights of Rome; the Colosseum, the Pantheon, St Peter’s Basilica and so on, and on.  A visit to Rome is to set foot in the cradle of the modern world, and to see a vast sweep of history at every turn. Our pupils drank it in, moving freely from Julius Caesar to Mussolini, from Hercules to Raphael. Our thoughts now turn to our next joint venture, to Greece in 2021!  Thank you to Mrs Berry and Miss Wright for accompanying me, and to all the pupils who made this such an enjoyable academic and cultural trip.

Reporting by John Dant, Head of Classical Languages.

A Fourth Former’s perspective:

‘The school’s Classics and PT trip to Rome has definitely been one of my highlights of the year so far. To have the chance to see such an ancient city so full of history and friendly faces was just incredible. My absolute favourite place was the stunning ‘Altare Della Patria’ – which I later learnt was a monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of united Italy. After catching glimpses of its statues of horses and chariots in the distance all day, we finally in mid-afternoon rounded a corner and saw it in all its glory. Another of the places I really enjoyed was the Pantheon – after learning about it so much it was so cool to finally get to see it!! Being a Classical Civilisation student, I enjoyed the older Roman buildings more than the Christian churches; however, it was very interesting to see those as well, and the intricate decorations that covered them. Overall, Rome was a massive success for me. It is now on my list of my favourite holidays!’

Rome 2020


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