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Community work with Wimborne Model Town

On Monday 10th December, two Engineers from Wimborne Model Town, Penri and Terry, visited Canford as part of the school’s Community Action programme.

The work with the model town has involved pupils and staff helping to improve their facilities, principally the water control system and the graphical visitor interface at this popular local attraction of great historical significance to the town.


Lower Sixth formers Flinn Tiefenthal and J C Zhang showed the visitors developments in their water flow measurement unit, to be installed in several positions in the town water system. This was demonstrated in the newly commissioned Water Tunnel within the Physics department. 


Pictured are Penri and Terry with Flinn discussing progress in the lab showing the pulses displayed on the oscilloscope as the impeller rotates.

Upper Sixth pupil Ben Orme-Smith showed progress on his designs for an improved working water wheel to be installed for public display on the model river while fellow Upper Sixth former Tom Alner displayed new animated graphics for the improved visitor experience.


The project will continue in the New Year with another pupil developing a method to extract useful information from the masses of data on water flow accumulated since the start of the project.


Geoff Horton, Physics teacher supporting the projects, was delighted with the results of pupil work so far:


“The representatives from the Model Town seemed delighted with the progress made, and suggested some useful ideas for future development. I was very pleased to welcome them to Canford to show them our capabilities and discuss progress. The project has served a dual purpose in delivering a required capability for the Model Town while contributing to the  practical part of our pupils’ Extended Project Qualification, which is worth half an A Level. It has been wonderful for them to have been able to work with the expertise of the Model Town staff, who have experience as contracting Engineers in the aerospace industry.  It has also given our pupils the opportunity of an excellent grounding in interface documentation and program management.”


For more information about the Wimborne Model Town, please visit

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