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Dr Spencer Jones

Karen Smith

Thanks to generous funding by Friends of Canford, we were able to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War by inviting leading military historian Dr Spencer Jones to spend three days in the school as Historian-in-Residence in early October 2018.

Dr Jones is Senior Lecturer in Armed Forces and War Studies at the University of Wolverhampton and is the author of several critically-acclaimed books. He is a frequent contributor to BBC History Magazine and has appeared on a number of BBC television programmes including The One ShowWho Do You Think You Are and The Quizeum.

He delivered a wonderfully lucid and compelling lecture entitled ‘A Very British Victory: the last Hundred Days of the First World War’ in the Layard Theatre, which was attended by our Fifth Year IGCSE Historians as well as being open to the public, and a very personal talk on ‘What is a military historian?’ for our A-level Historians.

He also took part in fourteen lessons throughout his stay talking about topics as varied as the seventeenth-century 'Revolution in Military Affairs'; Technological Innovation in the First World War; 'Imperial Apocalypse', the Russian army in the First World War; and Soviet strategy & psychology in the early Cold War. All were carefully tailored to fit topics on our IGCSE and A-level specifications.

Spencer packed a huge amount into his three days at Canford, and pupils and teachers alike were captivated by his impressive knowledge and highly accessible style.


Reporting by Mark Rathbone – Head of History