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ESU-Churchill Schools' Mace 2021-22

#CanfordExcel #CanfordExpress

Many congratulations to the Canfordians who have successfully moved through to the next round of the prestigious ESU-Churchill Schools’ Mace 2021-22. Second round for the competition will be held early next year. Congratulations to Adaya Brandon, Leo Burnet, Eliana Covell, Oscar Feingold, Rupert Hutton and Sophia Whelan.

One team debated whether ‘this house believes that artists have a moral duty to be political in their work’. The second spoke on ‘whether robotics could teach us more about the meaning of life than philosophy’.

All being well, the next round will take place face-to-face rather than online. We look forward to reporting on progress in the competition in due course.

For further information please visit: ESU Competitions