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Fifth form tapas evening

Fifth form tapas evening


On Tuesday 8th February, the Spanish department took all Fifth Formers taking Spanish IGCSE for a tapas night at a restaurant in Bournemouth. We ate at a lovely, culturally enriching restaurant called Las Iguanas. As soon as we walked in we had a warm welcome by the manager of the restaurant and many of us tried to make conversation in Spanish. However, we were not always successful!


When we got to our tables, we were immediately served with some delicious typical Mexican/Spanish dishes, such as Nachos and Quesadillas de pollo y champiñón. My personal favourite would have to be the nachos because they had so much flavour with various sauces with them, and I’m sure others would agree with me as well, as there were no nachos left in sight by the end of the meal! Not only did the food bring a large amount of excitement, but we were also given non alcoholic Piña Coladas.  Looking around the room, it was evident that we all enjoyed them, as our faces all lit up when we took a sip. Dishes continued to be put in front of us delighting our taste buds - It was a great opportunity to taste a variety of traditional Mexican/Spanish food.


When we thought that was the end of our wonderful evening – we were wrong as we then spent time learning some salsa moves, like the Cucaracha, culminating in a routine where all moves were put together. I think it’s fair to say some people were better than others, but a wonderful evening was had by all, learning about Spanish customs and speaking Spanish in a real-life situation. Thank you very much for the whole Spanish department for organising this evening.


Pupil reporting by Lizzy Balls