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Geography trip to Naples

Geography trip to Naples
Karen Smith

On the first Friday of October Half Term, 44 Shells and five teachers headed off to the sunnier climes of the Amalfi Coast. The cabins were nestled around an olive grove on the outskirts of Sorrento and leant an authentic Italian feel to the whole experience. The aim of the trip was to expose students to an incredible fusion of Geography and Classics and to bring to life places and characters which most students will only ever encounter through the pages of a textbook. The first day dawned blue and sunny and we drove the winding road through Positano to Amalfi, stopping off for the infamous pizza. We then got a glimpse of rural life as we walked from Scala to Ravello, which felt like experiencing the passage of time from rustic farm life to town chic. The following day saw us delve back to 79AD when the infamous eruption of Vesuvius buried the towns of Herculaneum and Pompeii in ash and volcanic debris. We were fortunate enough to visit both sites and it really gave us a sense of what life would have been like as a Roman slave, aristocrat, taverna owner or even a gladiator. Walking around in the blazing sun we were always aware of the formidable shadow that Mt. Vesuvius cast over the ancient settlement and we could not have had more perfect conditions to climb to the summit. This was the real deal, the chance for students to see, some for the very first time, an active volcano which frequently makes the headlines as it raises its head and grumbles every few years. Thankfully for us, Vesuvius was peaceful and allowed us time to walk around the spectacular crater rim and to observe the Sulphur plumes emanating from the crater sides. This was a real highlight of the trip although some would still argue that their highlight was making and eating authentic Limone gelato!

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