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Great historical debate and Dinner



On Monday all those studying A level History put on their best black tie to celebrate another excellent year at the Keith Hay Dinner. As in previous years the evening was kicked off by an excellent Lower Sixth Debate on the subject of whether the History of the British monarchy has been a thousand years of excess, indulgence and abject failure. Scott Montague, Jess Allen, Michael Bryan and Ellen Harvey-Hills all presented excellent, well researched and at times very entertaining papers on the topic. In a very difficult decision, in which all four candidates could have won, Jess Allen was decided to be the overall winner. After the debate the festivities continued over a three course dinner in the form of a quiz and a few rounds of pin the battle on the map. The atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable. The guest of honour himself, Mr Hay, commented that he was enormously impressed by the 6th Form students in the way they both presented and conducted themselves; they were wonderfully inclusive!. In short it was a fantastic evening of enrichment and entertainment before the business of exams comes over the horizon.

Two speeches from the evening feature on the Canford Academic Blog, including the speech by winner, Jess Allen. To read them, please visit:

Reporting by Tom Marriott, Head of History