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History Dinner 2022

History Dinner 2022

The History Department hosted the annual Keith Hay Dinner on the 16th of February, with over sixty pupils from the Sixth Form attending, as well as the eight History teaching staff and invited guests from other departments.

Head of History, Rachel Lines, gave her account of the evening:

“The dinner is named after a member of staff who gave over 40 years’ service to Canford’s History department and was a chance to celebrate our love of history. The theme of this year’s debate was 1920’s and the pupils really embraced the theme with some excellent outfit choices.

The evening began with the ‘Great Historical Debate’ and pupils were asked to choose an undervalued individual from History who they feel deserved to be in the History books. The debate took the form of a balloon debate where five pupils fought in four rounds to keep their place within the balloon. Pupils chose diverse individuals; Zheng Yi Sao the fearless female pirate, Nelly Blythe the intrepid explorer, Joseph Murray who performed the first successful kidney transplant, Freddie Oversteegan the teenage Dutch Resistance fighter and Henrietta Lacks the source of the HeLa cell line. All the pupils produced extremely persuasive speeches and were commended by both staff and pupils for their efforts. The winner of the debate was Tom Windsor with his individual Nelly Blythe.

This was followed by dinner in the Old Library where the History committee organised an extremely enjoyable quiz including a round on the History Department! The food was fantastic and pupils and teachers alike both thoroughly enjoyed the evening.”

For more information about History at Canford, please visit the History department page.

Canford History Dinner