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Monteacute Wins House Art 2020

Monteacute Wins House Art 2020
Philippa Scudds

This year’s House Art challenge was to create a Christmas tree to remember.  Houses were asked to create, produce and decorate a Christmas tree in or around the house that reflected those things that are important to the house. Everyone in each house was involved in some way and the judges visited each house individually, suitably festively dressed, on Friday 4th December to view the creations.

For inspiration, the Art department provided examples of some of the best known and unusual Christmas tree art from around the globe including ‘The Singing Tree’ by Ed Devlin, ‘The 500 Plastic Bottle Tree’ by Jacha Potgieter and Gerallt Evans.  Points to consider when deciding on a design included location, availability of materials and the visual impact of the materials and scale reflecting the house and its personality, alongside social distancing requirements during the build process.

The overall winner of the Artist Palette was Monteacute for their innovative glass tree suspended from the ceiling, and in second place Marriotts who won the Silver Cup for their excellent design. 

Head of Art Nicola Will wrote to all the houses: “Thank you very, very much for making such a great effort with House Art. I hope you found it enjoyable and the opportunity for the house to be involved with something collaborative that brought you together. We were really impressed with all of the trees and it was a really difficult judging decision as there was so much variety and creativity within the art on display.”


More images available to view on Canford Media for staff, pupils and parents.


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