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House Art 2021


This year’s House Art challenge was to design and create a Pantomime Dame costume, resulting in lots of fun and laughter bringing house communities together as artistic flair was given free rein!  Everyone in each house was involved in some way and designs were presented to the judges in the Assembly Hall on Wednesday 8th December. Outfits were showcased by either pupils from the house or good-spirited teachers!

After much deliberation the overall winner of the Artist Palette was de Lacy, and in second place Salisbury who won the Silver Cup.

Head of Art Nicola Will wrote to all the houses: “Thank you very much for making such a great effort with House Art. I hope you found it enjoyable and the opportunity for the house to be involved with something collaborative brought you together. It was such a close competition at the top end and the effort and thought behind the submissions was genuinely impressive.”

The creations can be seen in this video: 

House Art 2021 photographs can be viewed here: