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IOW Northam Trip

Karen Smith

The Northam City Reach programme is a long-term partnership between our pupils and the inner city community of Northam involving a programme of visits and activities. Northam is a small neighbourhood in Southampton near the heart of the city which is geographically quite isolated and with few local amenities.

For the people of Northam, the project provides an opportunity to take part in a range of activities which it is sometimes difficult for them to access and also provides support for the work of the Community Centre and its leaders. 

One of the highlights of the year is an activity weekend. One pupil wrote about his experience of the recent Northam Isle of Wight trip:


This weekend the Northam City Reach programme took us to a wonderful site on the Isle of Wight. With big smiles and even bigger jackets we began our Saturday morning with an array of thrill based activities which we helped the kids to enjoy. The first of which was the trapeze. With harnesses strapped to our waists and a hint of fear too, we climbed the structure with great ambition to finally jump off the platform in order to swing ourselves on the “trapeze”. With a few frightened faces here and there the children and staff had a lot of fun pretending to be superman! The rest of the day involved many similar activities that we managed to find the fun in despite the rain doing its best to stop us. As the day brought to a close everyone enjoyed a warm cup of hot chocolate with a few games of man hunt.


The Sunday brought a slightly different variety of activities as we had to put aside our unwavering bravery and strap on our thinking caps as a challenging round of escape rooms drew an end to our weekend. The children once again rose to the challenge, with the help of a few previously experienced members of staff, as they managed to solve each puzzle and matrix that led to their escape from the indoor puzzle box protecting us from the wet English weather. All in all despite the vast array of wet socks and shoes (sorry parents!) everyone had a wonderful time taking part in the weekend. Thank you to all of the PGL and Northam staff who made it all possible.


For more information about the City Reach Project please visit City Reach Project