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Keith Hay History Dinner 2020

Keith Hay History Dinner 2020
Karen Smith

The History Department hosted the fourth annual Keith Hay Dinner on the 25th February, with over sixty pupils from the Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth cohort attending, as well as the twelve History staff and invited guests from other departments.

The dinner is named after Keith Hay, a member of staff who gave over 40 years’ service to Canford’s History department.  The annual event is a chance to celebrate all things historical and in particular, due to the school’s forthcoming centenary, the 1920’s where pupils and teachers alike nodding to, and even embracing, the theme in full 1920’s regalia.

The evening began with the ‘Great Historical Debate’ with three Lower Sixth historians debating on the subject of ‘What was the most significant idea before the 20th Century?’  Magnus Crawshaw was judged the winner, with his persuasive argument on Democracy, yet both Eve Hewett on advocating the printing press and Hugh Coughlan on the significance of colonialism also argued their cases very well.

This was followed by dinner in the Old Library where the History committee organised an extremely enjoyable and challenging historical quiz, consisting of an art history, music and famous speech round. The food was fantastic and pupils and teachers alike both thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Once again Keith Hay was delighted to attend as the guest of honour:

“The Canford historian continues to impress. I am still struck by how at ease they can be in the company of adults and those three debate speakers showed such courage to stand up, speak and then field a number of questions. A lovely evening!”

For more information about History at Canford, please visit the History department page.

Canford History Dinner 2020

Keith Hay History Dinner 2020


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