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Land Rover 4x4

Land Rover 4x4
Karen Smith

Land Rover 4x4 National Finals

Canford’s intrepid race engineers took part in this year’s Land Rover 4x4 in Schools competition and were delighted to reach the national finals, held at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon, on 6-7 March, following success in the SW regional heats.


The school entered three categories this year, the Professional LRL (Land Rover Learners) and the Professional R-Type for senior pupils and the ARGO Development Team consisting of Shells and Fourth Form. 


In the regionals, the LRL team won the prizes for Best Folio and Best Team Identity, coming 4th overall, the R-Type team came 3rd overall, and the ARGO also 3rd with the additional award of Best Track Performance.


The national finals involved in depth interviews from a panel of experts on design decisions, a coding challenge to write a program to allow an autonomous vehicle to navigate a line track, scrutiny of the design and build of the vehicle and finally a timed track session.


There were 18 teams competing in the national finals from schools across the UK, so the standard was extremely high, with some competing in their fourth consecutive year.  The Canford R-Type team was therefore thrilled when they won the Pull Challenge, and agreed wholeheartedly that those who took the overall team titles were very deserving, displaying a technical complexity which our pupils will now aspire to for future entries. 


Jon Martin, Head of Design Technology, was impressed with the teams’ attitude and performance:


“Throughout both the regional heats and national finals, our pupils were both engaged and professional.  The managers organised their teams extremely well, and impressed the judges with their logical thinking, engineering knowledge and careful driving skills.   I was extremely proud of them all, and hope the experience has given them some real inspiration for next year’s event alongside furthering their DT skills and knowledge.”


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