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Lent Address Programme 2020

Karen Smith

Our annual Lent Address programme took place during the first week of March.   This year, we were fortunate to be led by the team from The OCCA (The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics) who spent time with pupils in Philosophy and Theology lessons and discussed some of life’s big questions in houses (in exchange for toasties!).  There were talks on three consecutive evenings by Tom Price from The OCCA who spoke powerfully on the themes of love, identity and truth.


Three early evening ‘philo-suppers’ in Nineveh led by Guest Speaker, Dr Calum Miller were a new initiative in our programme this year and were very well received. Topics for discussion included ‘Religious Truth: Are the gospels reliable?’, ‘Ethics: Does morality prove God’s existence?’ and ‘Bioethics: Is all life valuable?’


Canford’s Chaplain, Rev Phil Jack, commented: “I was delighted to see Canfordians across the school engage really positively with the Lent Address events this year. The team were very impressed with their openness, willingness to tackle big questions and the warm welcome they gave. Thank you very much to The OCCA for supporting our programme this year covering a wide range of topics central to religious debate.”


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