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Community Action continues in Lockdown

Community Action continues in Lockdown
Philippa Scudds

Community Action continues in Lockdown

Part of Canford’s mission as a school is to build a community of open minded people who are committed to making a difference to their own lives and to the lives of others.  Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Canfordians have continued to support local, national and international community projects in numerous different ways.  Here are just some of the many highlights during the first half of the Easter Term, despite pupils being at home in the latest national lockdown:

Sixth Former Serena ran 100km in 25 days (in 10km stretches) to raise money for NHS Charities Together. She started this challenge on the 16th January and completed it on the 9th February, raising £3,447 to date.  Serena said: “As we all know, the new strain of coronavirus has put the NHS under more pressure than ever. The terrible sights on the news each night have inspired me to undertake this challenge to support our frontline workers. As a result, if you would like to donate, it would be amazing and very much appreciated; big or small, everything makes a difference!"

Serena was interviewed by Danny Pike from BBC Radio Sussex who picked up on the story and invited her to the breakfast show on Thursday 18th February - listen to the recording at There is still time to support Serena through this link

Former pupil Connie who left Canford last summer is a keen walker and during the pandemic, like so many her outlook on life has shifted far closer to home, and the issues that lie right on her doorstep.  A keen walker, the issue of litter has always bothered her and so she has been undertaking a deep litter-clean of the local Dorset countryside under the banner of ‘Connie’s Clean-ups’.  Connie comments: “I can say that I’ve honestly been shocked at my findings so far. Alongside the 60 or so bin bags I’ve cleaned so far - containing countless cans and plastic - my roadside adventures have led me to collect some pretty strange objects, including an office chair, a 1st generation iPhone, and a really ancient TV from the 80s!”

Connie decided to make her efforts even more worthwhile by raising money for the sustainable development charity Raleigh International – which is based in the UK and runs various environmental and social initiatives in Costa Rica as well as several other locations across the world. 100% of all donations will go directly towards funding worthwhile projects, such as the regeneration of native rainforests, habitat conservation, and the construction of schools and drinking wells for Costa Rica’s most impoverished indigenous communities. Her blog Instagram and fundraising page have more information.

Connie is also in discussion with the charity Litter Free Dorset about various projects to help achieved our shared vision of making Dorset a model for responsible roadsides.

Canfordian Scott helped his father prepare 10 unwanted laptops to donate to The Bourne Academy as part of a 'Laptop Lifelines' campaign, and Sixth Formers have also been supporting the community these past weeks through their Monday afternoon Community Action in the following ways:

·       as Bingo callers recording draw numbers to allow Care Home and Nursing Home residents to play

·       assisting staff at the Wimborne Model Town writing code for some of their displays

·       groups of musicians have been live streaming concerts to residents in local care homes/day centres

·       recordings reading a poem or story shared with local primary schools and nursing homes

·       recordings giving training / fitness clips shared with the local primary schools and middle schools

·       recordings delivering French / Spanish vocabulary worksheets/word searches for primary schools 

·       a Canford book club has been running since January to produce a range of book reviews, both fiction and non-fiction, plus promotional material in the form of PowerPoint image slides for pupils in local schools as well as for current pupils and staff

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