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Medics Interviews

Medics Interviews
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Mock Multiple Mini Interviews for Medics

On Sunday 4th November, 12 Upper Sixth pupils applying for Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Dentistry attended a practice Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) session in John o’ Gaunts. The interviewers/assessors were two medical consultant parents, a local retired GP and two recently qualified OCs.  We are very grateful for their time and input, which builds on the careers advice and guidance offered by parents both online and at the annual Careers Symposium in March each year.

The pupils were faced with 7 x 5 minute ‘stations’ where they were asked various questions about their work experience, how they would deal with a difficult situation with a patient and questions about ethics and recent medical developments.

After a short break, the pupils then revisited each station for some constructive feedback and suggestions as to what they could do differently in the real thing.

Michael Doherty, Head of Careers, commented: “This was our first attempt to try to replicate the MMI process that most medical and veterinary schools use to select their undergraduates. The recent OCs were able to provide insight as to how these MMIs are run by the universities and we believe the pupils got an accurate experience as to how this process will work in the future. Ed Johnson (Head of Biology) and myself, who both manned stations, were very pleased with the outcome and the positive and successful way that the pupils responded to this challenging process. We are sure this familiarisation will help them deal more effectively with this process in the future.”

Canford pupils have an excellent track record gaining offers on these highly competitive courses for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.  In the past fifteen years, 141 pupils have been successful, representing an 83% application/offer rate.

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