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National Poetry Day celebration

National Poetry Day celebration
Karen Smith

National Poetry Day is a UK-wide celebration of poetry taking place every October. Each year there’s a different theme and in 2019 the theme was Truth.

Canford pupils and staff celebrated the day with ‘Pop Up Poetry’, with staff and pupils ‘popping up’ in parts of the school reading their favourite poems – the Head of Classics by the Art department pond, the Deputy Head Co-curricular in the Great Hall, the Layard Theatre staff in the Nineveh Café, the Head of Enrichment in the shade of a tree by the Lovell Building.   Poetry was also read at the start of lessons, in houses at break times and at a school assembly. Students experimented with their own ‘truth poetry’ in English lessons, recording performances on a camera throughout the day.

Richard Redwood, Head of English, was delighted with the enthusiasm for poetry across the school:

‘Poetry is such a powerful way of conveying the written word, often provoking emotive response through individual interpretation. National Poetry Day has been a great way to bring poetry to the forefront of our minds and has been embraced by pupils and staff alike. I hope it has reawakened a love of poetry in us all and has encouraged us to explore it further as part of our wider learning. In the words of Keats: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”


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