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Reading and Rugby - a winning combination!

Reading and Rugby - a winning combination!

One of the three core strands of the new Shell Curriculum programme launched in September 2017 is Literacy.  The Curriculum is designed to form the habits that will shape skills and develop the literacy to help pupils cope with the academic work they face and form a love of learning to last them through their lives.

As part of this, Canford recently invested in the Accelerated Reader programme, which was officially launched at the start of the Easter Term with ‘The Six Nations’ reading competition. The objective is simple: to convert the most ‘millions of words read’ during the course of the rugby competition.  The programme gives our pupils the opportunity to get lost in a book and to read without a host of other distractions. Once they’ve read a book in their reading range, they take a quiz to earn points. The Shell form with the most words ‘converted’ at the end of the Six Nations will win an outing to an exclusive movie night at school complete with copious amounts of popcorn!

The plan is also for some spontaneous ‘play-offs’ after each round. If you are interested in finding out more about this initiative, or would like to get involved in some way, please do get in touch with Hannah Ryan

Dr Stephen Wilkinson, Director of Studies, commented:

“We want all our pupils to be willing to read, expect most to read regularly for pleasure and hope that some will read from a wide range of texts for a wide range of purposes, even ‘reading between the lines’.  Literacy is vitally important for the development of academic potential and, in the words of Dr Seuss, ‘The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’”

For more information about the new Shell Curriculum, please visit Canford School Academic Curriculum