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Record GCSE results

Record GCSE results
Karen Smith

Record GCSE results for Canford

Canford pupils are celebrating outstanding success in this year’s GCSE results, once again hugely outperforming the national picture. An impressive 46% of all grades were at 9-8 which is the highest level seen at the school since 2011*.  70% of papers were graded 9-7, against a national figure of just 21%, 20% of all papers were awarded the highest grade 9 against a national figure of 4.5%, and 98% of papers were awarded 9-4, against 70% nationally.  Individually, 24 pupils saw at least half of all their subjects graded 9, and 70 pupils out of a cohort of 123 averaged grades of 7 or higher, while the mean average grade for the entire year group was above a 7.  
Excellence spanned the full spectrum of science, humanities and arts subjects, with over a third of all papers in Music, Physics, Religious Studies and Biology graded 9, and at least 1 in 4 of all papers in Chemistry, Design Technology, Geography and PE were at this level too.  Over 80% of all papers in Chemistry, Design Technology, Geography, Music, Physics and Religious Studies were graded 9-7 and 20 subjects saw over 90% of their grades at 9-5 level. 
Almost all Canfordians take ten GCSE examinations.  On an individual level, 24 pupils gained an impressive clean sweep of ten 9-7/A*-A grades, with 50 pupils awarded at least nine 9-7 grades and 64 pupils awarded at least eight 9-7 grades.  Press reports indicated girls have outperformed boys this year in many subjects, but at Canford we were delighted to see continued academic excellence in the classroom from both boys and girls.  Frederick Hurd-Wood, Madeleine Harvey, Frederick Charles, Emily Walster, Oliver Taylor, Samuel Smith and William Priaulx gained a clean sweep of 9-8 grades, with Ella Mitchell, Max Richards, Agatha Cox, Imogen Fairweather, Michael Ma, Talia White, Sasha Witter, Matthew Keen, Miles Quick, Sophie Hussey, Sana Iftikhar, Daena Shah, Toby Bishop, Eve Hewett, Holly Williams, Edward Loveridge, Frances Fleming and William Hobden all achieving at least eight 9-8 grades.   Congratulations also go to Lisa and Maria Price who have each gained 9 or 8 grades in four modern languages.
Commenting on this year’s results, Headmaster Ben Vessey said: 
“These results are truly outstanding, on an individual level and for departments across the board.  I am absolutely delighted that all the hard work by our pupils and the commitment and dedication of our staff has been so well rewarded.  To see approaching half of all papers sat awarded 9-8 level grades is a stellar performance, but I am equally pleased to see 95% of grades at 9-5, which demonstrates consistent performance across a range of abilities.  This year group has also contributed significantly across the whole spectrum of co-curricular opportunities, and it is a great credit to them that they have reached such heady academic heights alongside excellent engagement and achievement in their wider personal development.  I congratulate all our Canfordians on results which will stand them in very good stead for the next stage of the education journey.” 
*Taking the old A* grade equivalent as 9 - 8. 10 0% of entries in 2019 were in the reformed subjects and therefore graded 9 - 7 rather than A* - A and  9 - 4 rather than A* - C. 
Results are still subject to Reviews of Marking and will be published in full at in due course.