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SAT Testing - Saturday 5th December

SAT Testing - Saturday 5th December


SAT Testing, Canford School, 5th December, 2020.


Test takers registered to take the SAT Reasoning Test (with or without essay) at Canford School must report to Registration at the Sport Centre Lobby no earlier than 07.15, & no later than 07.45 on testing day.


This is located on the left of the map as indicated on the link below.


Directions to Canford School are to be found below…


Test Takers will be directed to a socially distanced location at registration, & they will be allocated a socially distanced seat: they must remain there until directed otherwise.


What to bring on Test Day.


All you need to know is here in the link below. Please pay particular attention to acceptable ID provision….

Test takers must provide: registration document with photo, acceptable photo ID, appropriate materials to take the test, own food & drink for breaks.

ALL Test takers MUST comply with Social Distancing measures throughout their time on the school premises.


Duration of Tests:

The SAT Reasoning Test on 5th December starts at 08.00 sharp & ends approx. 12.45 (without essay) & approx. 13.15 (with essay.)


COVID 19: All Test Takers MUST:

Wear their OWN mask at all times once entering the premises & AT ALL TIMES during the test. Canford School cannot provide test takers with masks.

Be socially distanced (6 feet) on arrival & throughout testing, & follow instructions from testing staff.


All test Takers MUST comply with the following regulations issued by College Board:

They declare they do not have Covid 19 symptoms, which include cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste, or smell.

They declare in the past 14 days they have not come into contact with someone who has had a positive Covid 19 test, or is presumed to have Covid 19.

They declare they are NOT violating any travel restrictions or quarantining requirements.

They agree to provide & wear their OWN MASKS the entire time they are on the testing site & follow all instructions from the SAT Testing Staff.

They agree that by entering the testing room, they are accepting the risk of COVID 19 exposure. While we have taken measures to help create a safe environment, it not possible to remove ALL risk.

Visibly unwell test takers arriving at registration, will not be admitted to the testing room at the discretion of the Test Centre Supervisor, & their decision is final.

Test takers who become or appear visibly unwell during testing will be dismissed from the premises at the discretion of the testing staff, & their decision is final.

Any test taker who arrives for testing without a mask, or who refuses to wear a mask, will NOT be admitted.

Full Particulars are listed in the link below: all test takers & their parents are required to read this…,6%20feet%20apart%20during%20testing.

If test takers do not or cannot meet the stringent regulations above, they should NOT present themselves at the test centre on 5th December, as refusal may offend.

Finally, parents or guardians of test takers are kindly advised they are, understandably,  NOT permitted to enter ANY school buildings.