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Sponsored walk for City Reach

Sponsored walk for City Reach

Sixteen Canford pupils and staff spent last Sunday walking 16 miles for the City Reach project, a long standing Canford community action link which supports families in the inner city Southampton area of Northam.  Starting at Studland beach, the group caught the chain ferry before walking along the coast in glorious Spring sunshine, battling the wind at times along the route.  Fourth Former Millie and Shell pupil Agatha echoed the views of the group when they wrote:

“When I first signed up I was a little dubious of the walk as it was quite a long way and I do not go on long walks very often! However, it was one of my favourite things I've done at Canford so far. The views were amazing, I had thought we would be just walking along the road but we were walking literally on the sand and beach. It was so lovely and I have taken so many photos. Especially when we went through the woods. What’s more I was never hungry, the trusty mini bus carried snacks around for us which was brilliant as well!  We stopped halfway for a quick hot chocolate break which was most welcome in the windy weather.  Although at the end my feet felt like they were going to fall off, I really enjoy the sense of accomplishment it gave me! I am really glad for all the money we raised and hope it helps in some way.” Millie

“People can easily donate to charity, but who will give up their weekend and walk for 20km?  However, after I had been through this, it was so worth it. As you walk, you can hear the sound of the waves lapping the beach, which was really relaxing and, as a Shell, talking to pupils in the older years about Canford life was very interesting.  It was easy at the beginning, as you can choose your own pace of walking and that helps you find your rhythm, but at the last 5km, I was so tired that I couldn’t feel my legs. I just kept walking forward like a robot! The moment I stepped into the gates of the school though, I was really touched by how far I can push myself.  I became closer to the older pupils and also had great exercise. I’d highly recommend it!" Agatha

If you would like to donate to City Reach, please visit  Find out more about the charity here

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