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External competition success

External competition success
Karen Smith

Success for Canford pupils in external academic competitions 

As part of a Canford education, we want all our pupils to enrich their learning and broaden their horizons.  As part of this aim, each year we encourage and support them to enter external academic competitions, and during the lockdown and periods of remote learning, Canfordians have continued to enjoy taking part in these, achieving significant success.

While remote learning from his home in China, Fifth Former Jason Zhang entered an international business competition, the ASDAN Business Simulation.  He and his team invented a business, constructed a marketing strategy and presented product ideas with the aim of making the highest profit.  Jason was delighted to be awarded a prestigious silver trophy and medal in recognition of his excellent efforts.  Also a fine pianist, Jason was one of three pianists out of 500 to achieve a gold award for performance in a recent series of online concerts focused on the work of Brahms. 

Lower Sixth Former Harry Young entered the John Locke Institute Essay Prize for History with a paper entitled “Is a strong state a prerequisite or an obstacle to economic growth?”  He is one of just 35 pupils selected for Very Highly Commended awards from school entries spanning the globe including America, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore as well as the UK.  Named in honour of the eminent seventeenth century Oxford philosopher, John Locke, and run in conjunction with Princeton University USA and Oxford University, the competition invites students to explore a wide range of challenging and interesting questions beyond the confines of the school curriculum.  All entries are judged by senior academics from Oxford, who choose from essays submitted across seven subjects: Philosophy, Politics, Economics, History, Psychology, Theology and Law.  The John Locke Institute is an independent educational organisation that works to embolden the best and brightest students to become more academically ambitious and more intellectually adventurous through various programmes - residential courses, revision seminars, essay competitions, and special events.  This is a particularly fine achievement in the U18 category with Harry in the Fifth Form when the entry was submitted.  Read Harry’s submission on the Canford blog.

All four Canford entrants into this year’s British Physics Olympiad have been awarded medals for their efforts in the first round from 1600 entrants across 272 schools.  This consisted of a set of short answer and several long answer thematic questions requiring significant problem solving.  Fine performances from this Year 13 competition, with Tommy, Qing and Milind taking part in the Lower Sixth.

Tommy Qian: Gold (top 233 entries)

Qing Su: Bronze I

Emily Howat: Bronze II

Milind Khashu: Bronze II


Tom Marriott, Head of Enrichment, commented:

“I am delighted that pupils have continued to challenge themselves during the lockdown periods to develop their wider intellectual learning, and these results in various subjects and disciplines are extremely impressive.  They complement the internal enrichment programmes we offer and provide a competitive element benchmarking their standards against pupils from schools both across the country, and globally.   They should all feel very proud of their achievements.”


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