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Ten Tors 2019

Ten Tors 2019
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Many congratulations to all our pupils who took up this year’s Ten Tors Challenge.  Canford entered a record four teams of six pupils in the 2019 competition, two Fourth Form teams completing the 35 mile challenge, and two Lower Sixth completing the 45 miles event. 

The Ten Tors is organised by the Army’s Headquarters South West with support from the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force as well as civilian emergency services and volunteers. A gruelling event, it is attempted by 2,400 teenagers in 400 teams each year, navigating routes of 35, 45 or 55 miles (depending on age) over the northern half of Dartmoor to and from Okehampton Camp, visiting ten nominated tors / check points in under two days. Teams must be self-sufficient, carrying all that they need to complete their route and stay out overnight safely. has more information.

Unlike some previous years where teams have faced biting winds and freezing conditions, the weather for the 2019 challenge was kind, even too warm at times!  Over 27 hours of continuous walking certainly takes its toll, but all four Canford teams remained cheerful and resolute, supporting each other when some found it tough going.   They achieved fantastic results, with the first 45 mile team crossing the line at 0955.  While the competition is not a race, they were a clear 45 minutes ahead of the next team which was exceptionally impressive.   All four teams made it back by lunchtime, and they should all feel very proud of what they accomplished.

As the Army organisers comment:

“All those who attempt Ten Tors will undoubtedly remember it for the rest of their lives and for many it will be a life-changing experience.”

For a personal account of this year’s challenge, please head to the Canford Blog.   Jamie Barrington has also produced a film which is now available to view on the Canford YouTube channel (link below). A gallery of images from the Ten Tors Challenge weekend can be viewed via the link below too.

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