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The Bourne Academy summer term joint working

The Bourne Academy summer term joint working
Karen Smith

As part of Canford’s successful ongoing sponsorship of local state school, The Bourne Academy, both schools have enjoyed several opportunities to work together this term, including;

Educational Partnership Day

Some Sixth Form pupils from The Bourne Academy joined Canford for their Educational Partnership Day in June. The day focused on future life, learning and careers – an inspirational opportunity for all involved!

Annual staff cricket match

Bourne Academy staff cricket team won against the Canford staff team. The first win in four years!

Rona Trust Sailing Trip

Three pupils from The Bourne Academy joined eight pupils from Canford for a week’s sailing along the south coast to complete The Rona Trust Scott Award. All pupils achieved The Scott Award by meeting the following criteria: Completion of a six-night STV, given their personal best (whatever this level may be), proved to be a keen and reliable member of the crew. In addition, they also gained a RYA Competent Crew qualification. During the week they sailed 285 nautical miles with a maximum wind force of 7. Congratulations to all on their achievement!

Canford pupil, Lucy said “It was amazing having students from The Bourne Academy join us on the Rona Project. It allowed us to become friends and I hope to work with them again.”

Ben Vessey, Headmaster said, “We are extremely proud to be one of only a handful of independent schools in the country to full sponsor an Academy school. The success of our link with The Bourne Academy is evident not only through impressive attendance records and examination results, but also in the joint engagement between staff and pupils from both schools within and beyond the classroom.”

For more information about our links with The Bourne Academy, visit:

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