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Upper Sixth Star Gazing in Astronomy Group



In late April the Upper Sixth Physics Astronomy Option Group visited Swanage Observatory, located at Durlston Country Park.  The Astronomy Centre at Durlston consists of a 14" Meade telescope housed in its own observatory and its location on the Isle of Purbeck makes it an ideal place to see the solar system, star clusters, galaxies and meteor showers.   Pupils were fortunate to visit on an evening with excellent visibility.

Canfordians clearly enjoyed the experience, with enthusiastic comments such as:

My personal best bit of visiting the observatory at Durlston was getting a first hand experience of what is like to look through a telescope with such a high magnification”, "The highlight of the trip was being able to see Jupiter at a 150x" and “It was amazing to see a galaxy with my own eye and to see a star cluster as clearly as we did".

Dr Geoff Horton, Canford resident Astronomy enthusiast, commented:

This was a wonderful opportunity for our budding astronomers.  We are very fortunate to have such an excellent facility right on our doorstep.   Thank you very much to the Wessex Astronomy Society for their hospitality and expert knowledge.”