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Welcome back!

Welcome back!
Karen Smith

The Canford campus has truly come to life again as we’ve welcomed pupils and staff back to school. They have all taken the testing in their stride and it’s been fantastic to see them meeting up with friends and teachers again. Thank you to all those across the school who have supported our reopening programme, to the staff who have been busy in preparation to welcome back pupils.

Earlier this week Headmaster Mr Vessey said: 'There is a great sense of excitement here today at Canford. We truly cannot wait to welcome all the pupils able to return to school in the coming days. For those pupils who have to remain at home for a few more weeks, stay focused and positive, you will be with us very soon and we will make sure you feel as close to the school community as we possibly can in these final weeks of the Easter Term.'

In addition to the usual buzz of activity around the school grounds it’s been fantastic to see the Music School come alive with rehearsals onsite rather than online.  The orchestra and ensembles have been working hard already creating some wonderful music in the main concert hall, while adhering to social distancing restrictions. One pupil has summed up how much Music has transformed her Canford experience which demonstrates vividly the work of the department and is a perfect articulation of what the school aims to provide through its vision, mission and values.

When I joined Canford I had a passion for music but I had never been pushed or had the right experiences to have any confidence in my musical skills. The music department is like its own community within Canford and was inclusive and friendly from day 1, with choir and music lessons allowing Shells to make friends and get to know each other.  Music lessons have always been engaging and through them I have understood how important music is not only for the brain and wellbeing but for social skills too.  Asking for help from older students has been easy and tremendously helpful and has made me understand the importance of having different years connected and engaging.  I have learnt a lot and gained perspectives and this is what I believe makes the music department so unique.’

All of the major ensembles are going to give a short live-streamed performance during the last week of term, with repertoire including the orchestra playing themes from ‘Harry Potter’, the Jazz Band getting ‘In the Mood’, and the Chapel Choir performing John Sanders’ exquisite setting of ‘The Reproaches’. Full details of the times of each performance are on the Canford Music Calendar webpage, and all performances will be on the Canford Music YouTube channel.

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